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The Shop


Lyons Fab has been built on ideals of re-cycling and re-purposing. Many of the projects that have been tackled by us for our close associate businesses/customers or especially ourselves have prioritized (what we consider) the art of taking previously used construction elements and re-purposing them into functional new applications. Our business uses as much recycled material as possible to get our jobs done (materials purchased through RE-STORE organizations or reclaimed from other job sites). Our main work vehicle primarily runs off of Waste Vegetable Oil, our fuel is collected and filtered in-house using our complex filtration setup comprised of many reclaimed materials and components. Our shop, currently under construction, represents this grand idea by being primarily constructed of retired over-seas shipping containers. All the wood and re-bar used in creating the foundation pillars was reclaimed from various job sites. The location of the building itself is within a retired quarry area with great views and wind protection where it is nestled into the side of the canyon. The pictures below loosely show the progression of the shop site from its conception to the present day. 

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